Professional Development

Whether you are a practicing professional or you have a desire to advance you career in Behavior Analysis, your approach to professional development needs to be as dedicated and committed to quality as your approach to client services.

Rather than look at it as an obligation, professional development should be regarded as an investment that will improve the services you and/or your organization delivers, while improving your own career development.

At Butterfly Effects, our network continues to grow by dozens every month and now encompasses more than 350 leading professionals across all fields and areas of expertise.

Homework SeriesOne of the primary reasons that we continue to attract care providers, clinicians, therapists, and educators is our focus on professional development. We provide opportunities for education, supervision, and oversight that reflect the vast, diverse, and highly experienced professionals who make us such a respected national and international provider.

Our depth of resources, our extensive knowledge, and our pioneering communication technology as well our reputation with schools, the military, service providers, insurance companies, certification boards and government organizations allow us to provide you with step by step navigation of the ever changing BACB eligibility requirements. These guides are steeped in an understanding of both the practical realities and the newest developments in this continually evolving field.

Mother and son playing under a colorful umbrellaWe at Butterfly Effects understand the variables involved with providing services to individuals with disabilities. Throughout the supervision process not only will you accrue required hours, our experienced staff will also walk you through the complex variables in the Applied Behavior Analysis field, including:

  • Federal and board regulations both in terms of their letter as well as their application.
  • Changing insurance regulations, health care reform, and the shrinking budgets impacting schools and healthcare facilities are creating new practical realities that can compromise your ability to deliver comprehensive quality care.
  • New research, new technology, new evaluation practices, and new evidence continues to change our understanding of the field and the way treatment plans are developed and implemented.
  • Increased publicity and increased public scrutiny are changing people’s expectations and presenting challenges that sometimes fly in the face of evidence.

Whether you are a clinician, therapist, paraprofessional, or educator; are an independent provider, you need to find the right support.

You need to be plugged into a support system that can meet your supervision needs and continually advance your professional development so that you are able to deliver effective services, maintain your professional credentials, all while earning required hours to be eligible for the BCBA exam.

The Butterfly Effects network can match you with experienced practitioners who can provide you with both remote and onsite professional services, including:

  • Weekly Individual and group supervisions in the disciplines of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that meet state licensure and/or board certification requirements.
  • 24/7 self-paced continuing education certified by the BACB and ASHATM
  • BCBA test preparation courses