Charles Hundley

from Homestead, Florida

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Charles HundleyHampden-Sydney College '09 (Hampden-Sydney, Virginia; Dual-Majors in Political Science and English), Former U.S. Marine (MOS 2141: Amphibious Assault Vehicle Repair Technician; aka Mechanic for Aquatic Tanks), Currently Serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer with the Miami-Dade County School District (Specifically in Homestead, but working all throughout Miami-Dade County), Avid Musician (multiple instruments to include Guitar, Bass, Piano, Vocals, Percussion, Lyrics, and more), Avid Mountain/Road Biker (pedals), Avid snowboarder, Avid swimmer, etc...

Additional information
AmeriCorps VISTA: I work on volunteer networking and capacity building efforts all throughout Miami-Dade County. This is my second year of VISTA service; I completed my first term working with homeless shelters and Veterans' programs in Yakima, Washington in January 2012.

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