Individual Education Plans

Securing the best education for your child should be a group effort. However, getting the right input from the right parties and keeping everyone on the same page isn’t always easy.

IEP Services

We provide all the services that your child’s IEP requires:

  • IEP advocacy, development, and review
  • Behavioral interventions, including Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) development and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) consultation
  • Educational consultation and curriculum support
  • One-on-one tutoring in home and school
  • Testing and testing accommodation

IEP Support

When representing children already involved with our services, we can help bridge the gap between therapies received at home and at school. We can:

  • provide the written documentation to support a recommendation
  • show video of the child working on goals at home or in the community to give the IEP team a firsthand look at successful approaches that can be generalized to the classroom

IEP Advocacy, Development, and Review

IEP Advocacy, Development, and Review The IEP is your child’s passport to an individualized, quality education that directly meets his or her unique learning needs. There is nothing rote or cookie-cutter about an IEP.

At Butterfly Effects, our educational consultants:

  • write plans from both an educator and student perspective
  • anticipate specific needs and resulting accommodations to optimize success
  • get interventions in place from the start, before issues arise and time is wasted
  • provide training for teachers and support staff around a specific intervention
  • address the concerns of schools that need to provide testing accommodations for special needs students
  • are intimately familiar with federal regulations, state guidelines, and the tendencies of school districts across the country

If your child already has an IEP in place, we will sit down with you and/or your IEP team to provide a thorough review and add our recommendations. At Butterfly Effects, we welcome calls from parents or schools needing our expert assistance.

Whether you are supporting a student in need of a first IEP, have concerns about a current IEP, or need supplemental services to help that child realize his or her full potential, we can help. We know what’s possible and have the experience and expertise to see that it happens.