Parent Support

At Butterfly Effects, we understand that behavioral management can be a huge problem for many parents. Challenging behavior adds greatly to the stress a parent feels. It can also greatly strain relationships between the child and parent and wreak havoc with treatment plans. Certainly, some challenges are to be expected, but you do not have to allow these problems to remain unresolved.

Don’t Wait…

If left unchecked, intense behavioral problems inherent in some children may contribute to the increased stress experienced by their parents. These parents may often times feel isolated because of a child’s challenging behaviors. Bad experiences can make them reluctant to leave the house without assistance. The situation can be further compounded if they feel that their extended family does not understand the difficulties to control and cope with a child’s challenging behaviors.

Implement A Plan

Working on behavioral problems early on may prevent greater problems as children grow older. These problems can impede a child’s ability to succeed in school, participate in social interactions, and develop peer relationships. Furthermore, they make it more difficult for the child to successfully engage in other parts of any treatment plan as he or she grows older.

We believe that whenever and however possible, it’s important that parents are actively involved in dealing with issues and implementing treatment plans. At Butterfly Effects, we strongly encourage and provide a number of approaches to parent child therapy. The purpose of this therapy is to help children develop self-control and understand the impact and consequences of their behavior, as well as help parents develop tools to positively and effectively encourage, discipline, and guide their children.

How We Can Help

At Butterfly Effects, our therapists will work with you to increase family functioning as well as decrease parental stress. We accomplish this by teaching parents techniques and strategies for structuring the household, managing daily routines, increasing skill acquisition, and promoting communication. Most importantly, we help parents practice proven approaches that will result in decreased problem behavior.

Our experienced therapists are trained in a number of effective approaches. Parent training in particular has shown great promise in overcoming problematic behavior associated with autism, and many other disorders. We’ve experienced success in dealing with crisis-level behaviors including aggression and self-injury as well as seemingly impenetrable preservation.

Support Systems Are Key

Research has consistently shown that one key to managing behavioral issues and the stress experienced by parents is access to reliable support systems.

Butterfly Effects can help you deal with your most immediate problems as well as your long range concerns. Our staff are always available to listen to your questions – no matter how big or small – and work with you to find the right solutions.

From birth to adulthood, as your child continues to grow, Butterfly Effects will be there for you. Call us and find out how we can help you today, as well tomorrow and all the years after.