ABA Therapy Testimonials

When Brady began ABA in the summer of 2014, he was exhibiting problem behaviors (hitting, loud vocalizations — inclusive of some bad words) and was having trouble with pragmatic social skills — both at home and in school. Since starting ABA he has not hit, has very few vocalizations (bad words have been completely eliminated) and his pragmatic social skills have greatly improved. At school, he has not needed his visual schedule to stay on task; only needs one verbal redirection to get back on task; has made and continues to make friendships; and was even awarded a citizenship award by his teacher at the end of his kindergarten year.

Brady’s Parent – North Carolina

It is amazing how much our child’s behavior has changed for the better in such a short time.

North Carolina

Heather B. has served our family as both a BCBA and a consultant. She shows love to our daughter by providing excellent services. She is the perfect blend of sensitivity and strength when it comes to our daughter’s sessions. In the eighteen months she has worked with our daughter, we have seen nothing short of miraculous results. From being non-verbal, to speaking three to five word phrases; from being unaware of her surroundings to now being able to count to twenty, say her alphabet and identify major colors and shapes; from lying on the floor to now playing games with her siblings, Heather has consistently guided Savannah, continually set new goals and patiently pushed Savannah like only Heather could. We are thankful and blessed to have her working with our daughter!

Savannah’s Parent – North Carolina

Daniel H. is instrumental in my child, going from non-verbal, non-social, and behavior challenges, and many other things in our home and school. They do so well with my child, I have told all the military families and EFMP coordinators I came in contact with to seek Butterfly Effects, referred 15 families with 9 signed this last year. The mission statement and values were the key for me.

Carmallitica’s Parent – Georgia

When Joseph first began ABA therapy he was anti-social, depressed and unable to handle social situations. He was not doing his homework, not turning in homework and had no goals for his future. Joseph was self-inflicting pain and aggressive towards me as a parent. He now sees a psychiatrist once every other week and has ABA therapy twice per week. He is a different person. At 15, he had his first sleep-over, went to his first football game, and has made friends. He went to the first birthday party he has been to in years this evening. He is happy, adjusted and more confident. He is able to handle situations better and is way more social.

Joseph’s Parent – Georgia

My son has made significant strides in speech and behavior. He is also improving in daily life skills because of the ABA therapy he received from Butterfly Effects. Potty training was a major concern and remarkably he can go without Pampers all day after three weeks of training because of the strategies employed by the behavior specialist… forever grateful.


Sebastian has had a complete turn around. Prior to ABA his meltdowns lasted hours.. now seconds.. and fewer each day. The skills we have learned are priceless. He responded well to ABA and his speech has increased. It has been great working with such a caring, effective, thorough supervisor such as Nicole. We also are very happy with Spencer, Sebastian’s tutor. They both truly care, and make us feel Sebastian will hit his goals, milestones, and do what statistics determine as a struggle for him. I am a true believer in ABA and its effectiveness. Sessions are like watching miracles.

Sebastian’s Parent – Florida

BCBA is awesome. Helps tremendously! The development plan is working pretty good.


Our son relates to us on a much higher level than before we started. He rarely has tantrums. We are so proud of his progress and all of the tools we have been able to implement at home to make our entire family’s, especially Trent’s, better through his increased communications and all around daily skills. We love Butterfly Effects.

Trent’s Parent – Louisiana

Our BCBA works with my son 20-25 hours most weeks. He was considered severe and profound prior to beginning ABA. He now knows 1/2 of the alphabet and is working on numbers 10-20. These may sound insignificant to most people, but for us, Noah is performing miracles before our eyes thanks to the effortless work of Maria!

Noah’s Parent – North Carolina

William has improved greatly in eye contact and speech, as well as social interaction and following commands. He has also improved in his tactile abilities due to practice and patient persistence from his therapists. He has, in many ways, “come back” to us from a socially disconnected state that he was in at age 2.

William’s Parent – North Carolina

My son has learned so much from his techs Ms. Desire and BCBA Mr. Daniel. Oh my God the plans they have written out for him and his conversational and communication skills have grown so much over the past two years. He is a very smart boy and they brought out the genius in him. Ms. Desire and Mr. Daniel are so patient with him and they know him like a book. He is ahead of the class work in his class. He is doing so much more at home than in school. So with the two combined he is on his way to a good start in life. Thank God for the workers at Butterfly Effects.

Jasmin Lawson – Georgia

We have gone from moderate Autism to mild Autism in less than a year.


My son started receiving ABA services a little over a year ago and was non-verbal at the time. With patience and tenacity from a couple of his therapists he went from making animal sounds to appropriate object identification to now speaking full sentences! It is unbelievable to everyone that has been on this journey with us. He is a completely different child! He has completely come out of the shell he was in. It has truly been a remarkable transformation. Our therapists, particularly, Ashley and Amber, have changed our lives and given our little sweet son the voice he truly deserved. They are gifted in patience, love, and teaching. We couldn’t be more grateful for how they have helped our family.


My son Andre could not look down at books or tasks. This made it nearly impossible for him to truly learn or be tested to see what he knows. His sensory issues are so severe, nobody could help him. Knowledge was lacking, with his teachers and therapists as no one knew what to do. Enter, Flavia. She has amazing knowledge and understanding! She knows her business!! I have never been so impressed with anyone. She is a true expert in her field! Dre is looking down at task now on his own! He is trying so hard! Flavia has worked so hard with him, a little at a time and now results are paying off!! She is also a woman of honesty, goodness, and integrity! She is the best! We all love her! A truly genuine person is she, and as far as we are concerned, a true family member. We are blessed.

Andre’s Parent – Louisiana

The services we have received have greatly helped not only our son, but also our entire family.


Ms. Sumner and Ms. Monica have made such a difference in my child’s life! Their ability to work with my daughter through their knowledge and experience has proven that ABA does work! They have shown such professionalism and care so much for her. They have worked directly with the school and have applied the necessary steps to help my daughter! I am so grateful for them both! Butterfly Effects is by far the best company and have the best therapists! Thank you!

Jayden’s Parent – Florida

About a month ago we did a social skills session with our BCBA who was just put on the case. We walked around Walmart with my son pushing the cart vs. riding in the cart. This was the first time we tried this. Now we do not have an issue with him in the grocery store. He is my cart pusher and he does a great job. Yesterday we spent about 30 minutes at Walmart. Not once did he run away and I did it without any edible reinforcement.


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