ABA Therapy Video Testimonials

What Can Butterfly Effects Do for My Family?

A young couple speaks about how Amanda, the ABA therapist from Butterfly Effects, has provided their family with a “shining beacon of hope.”

“Over the last two years, Amanda has helped their son develop essential life skills as well as many of the simple skills that are part of the joy of childhood such as using crayons and riding a bicycle. With Amanda’s talent for seeing things “through a child’s eyes,” she has also helped this couple learn how to understand the needs of their child and learn ways to help promote his growth. Like so many families, they recognize that their child “would not be where he is today without the help of Butterfly Effects.”

Making Life Easier for Military Families

Like so many military families raising children with autism, this young couple has had to deal with spontaneous challenges associated with military life, including frequent relocation. Fortunately for them, as a Butterfly Effects client, they are able to continue services wherever they move.

“Butterfly Effects has been amazing at adapting to our military life … they never missed a beat.”

Hope and Autism: One Mother’s Journey

“Autism is a diagnosis, it isn’t a destiny.” Those are the words of one mom who with the support of Butterfly Effects has come to grips with learning that her twins were different. “Somehow in a minute everything you thought was, isn’t.” Learn how the tears of sadness have become tears of joy for this family.

“I knew my kids were really smart, but they couldn’t tell us what they knew. They couldn’t tell me they love me… It was as if they were saying, I’m in here come find me.  Now we know they are in there… It’s the best gift… anyone can have. …it’s going to be okay… If you get the right therapies in place, the right support.”

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