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What is Applied Behavior Analysis therapy?

ABA is an approach that works on the premise that a child with autism will repeat a desired behavior when it is followed with positive reinforcement, such as praise or a small reward. In time, the child will repeat the targeted behavior without prompting. It's used to encourage positive, socially acceptable behavior and to teach a child the skills they need to be more independent, make friends and be more successful in life. ABA therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach; therapists create programs to meet a child's individual needs.

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How many years does ABA therapy last?

Multiple studies have proven that ABA therapy is effective in the long-term, with programs lasting one to three years. Most children, depending on their needs, receive therapy a set number of hours per week. The recommended duration will depend on the goals and the child's progress and can be altered to meet changing circumstances.

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Is in-home ABA therapy possible?

Toddlers do well with in-home ABA therapy. If they need to learn to eat dinner with the family, get dressed, or brush their teeth, a familiar setting makes this easier. School and community-based therapy helps older children learn to socialize with people outside their family and focus on learning without the distractions at home. Your child's therapist will evaluate their needs, listen to your goals, and help you choose the most appropriate setting or combination of settings.

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What benefits does ABA therapy offer for children with autism?

Children can make significant gains with ABA therapy; there is substantial evidence proving it works. They can learn daily living skills early in life, make friends more easily, get ready for school and gain independence. ABA therapy can also decrease behavioral problems in children and show parents new ways to help their child.

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