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What is ABA therapy?

For parents of children with serious behavioral issues caused by trauma or by autism spectrum disorders, Applied Behavioral Analysis is a valuable tool in providing children with the right tools to address these issues and to correct their behaviors. Referred to as ABA, this therapy method is designed to break down complicated behaviors into smaller portions that can be addressed individually to create a customized therapy plan for children.

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How long does ABA therapy take?

ABA therapy plans are customized to suit the need of the individual child. Your therapist may be able to provide you with a rough estimate of the time needed to achieve some or all of the desired results. In general, though, targeted treatment plans take at least 10 hours. More comprehensive treatment options will require a longer period of time and may take one to three years to complete.

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Can ABA therapy be performed at home?

ABA therapy can be provided in almost any setting in which the child and the therapist feel comfortable. Because a significant percentage of the treatment involves positive reinforcement for changing behaviors that may occur most often at school or at home, there may be some significant benefits to scheduling sessions in these environments to reinforce the desired behaviors even further.

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What outcomes should I expect for my child with ABA therapy?

ABA has been used successfully to address communication issues, aid in socialization and the acquisition of basic skills and extinguish behaviors that are dangerous or aggressive in children with autism spectrum disorders.

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