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What is ABA therapy?

Children with behavioral issues or autism spectrum disorders and conditions can often benefit from the evidence-based approach used in Applied Behavioral Analysis therapies. This method uses analytic strategies to break down desired and undesirable behaviors into their individual building blocks and to address these smaller, bite-sized behaviors in a more practical way. ABA therapists focus on results and use positive reinforcement to help children acquire new skills and coping mechanisms to adjust their behavior effectively.

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Will ABA therapy take a long time?

Because each child is different, no single estimate can be given on the time it will take for ABA therapy to achieve the desired results. In some cases, good results can be realized in just 10 to 25 hours of targeted therapy. However, for children with certain deep-seated behavioral problems, a course of sessions that spans three years or even more may be required to ensure the best possible results.

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Is ABA therapy more effective at home or in a clinic?

Your ABA therapist can provide services in your home, at school or anywhere else agreed upon for the therapy sessions. This can provide you with some much-needed flexibility in managing your child's care and may produce better results for correcting and adjusting behaviors effectively.

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How will regular ABA therapy help my child?

ABA is used to provide children with the basic skills needed to communicate more clearly, to interact with others appropriately and to care for themselves in practical ways. This can help your child to feel more confident and more competent in his or her daily activities.

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