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What is ABA therapy?

Therapists who specialize in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) treatment options can provide targeted and generalized care for children with behavioral issues. By teaching children the basic building blocks of various activities and then allowing them to put the pieces together, ABA can provide the best and most practical solutions for children who need a little assistance in socialization, communication or acquiring basic skills to care for themselves effectively.

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How long does ABA therapy take?

While each session generally lasts for two to five hours, the duration of treatment will vary depending on the needs of the child. Some children may achieve good results in just a few weeks. For others, years of treatment may be required to ensure the best acquisition of new skills and coping mechanisms.

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Will ABA therapy be performed at home?

Depending on the preferences of your therapist, you may be able to schedule therapy sessions at your home or at your child's school. This can often help to make the child feel more comfortable and can produce better results in some cases.

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Will ABA therapy help my child?

Children can benefit from ABA by learning new skills that can help them fit in more easily at school and can allow them to care for many of their own needs more effectively. This can translate directly into a more positive self-image and greater confidence on which to build in the academic setting and in their dealings with others at home and in social situations.

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