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Helpful advice for parents regarding Autism.

Being told your child has a diagnosis of Autism can be a frightening experience. There’s no need to panic, however. Consider this a positive first step in obtaining the best help.

Keep in mind, a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can mean many different things. All children have their own unique way of developing and interacting with the world. Those diagnosed with Autism are no different. The level of success and maturity your child achieves will depend on many factors. Genetics, education, family, and opportunity will all play a key role, just as they do for any child.

What to do next.

Try to see this as a positive turning point in your child’s development. You now have an official diagnosis and can proceed accordingly. In fact, the earlier your child is diagnosed, the earlier treatment can begin, and earlier treatment has been shown to vastly improve outcomes.

Since no two children on the spectrum will exhibit exactly the same symptoms–even those diagnosed at the same point on the spectrum–an accurate assessment is a critical first step. This early assessment will determine the appropriate level of care, guidance, and support your child needs. Using this information, we can provide the timely, intensive treatment to make a difference. This is why pursuing an accurate, early assessment and beginning immediate, effective treatment are essential to your child’s future.

Early intervention is your best defense.

Statistics show that the earlier you seek therapy for your child, the better the outcome. Our full range of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services will ensure your child receives the best care for every phase of development.

Our extensive team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Behavior Technicians have your family’s best interest at heart. We can help you overcome most obstacles in the way of your child’s more fulfilling future. With our guidance and support and your engagement, your child can receive the most beneficial treatment possible—beginning with the initial diagnosis, throughout his or her school years, and well into adult life.

Effective treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment.

As your family’s ABA partners, one of the first things we will do is test your child for processing issues and cognitive, language, and social skills development. Armed with data, we can then determine with you which ABA interventions will be most effective in addressing your child’s individualized goals.

We may also conduct vision and hearing assessments to see whether these factors could become developmental challenges that influence care and treatment. This information will help us move forward with the most beneficial treatment plan for your child.

Since the presentation of Autism and related symptoms may shift dramatically until the age of five, or even beyond, it’s important to reassess your child’s development at regular intervals. This is the only way to ensure that services provided by Butterfly Effects are targeted to current abilities and thus most effective in helping your child achieve the greatest potential.

It’s never too early for treatment.iStock_000023223892Small

As specialists in ABA, the Butterfly Effects’ team offers special programs to help resolve early challenges such as feeding and sleeping issues. These services can also improve early behavioral, cognitive, and language concerns by addressing problems as soon as they become evident. Early intervention will give your child the building blocks to achieve more throughout life.

The importance of behavior management.

The principles of ABA form the basis for all Butterfly Effects’ treatment modalities. Our longtime experience in this field has taught us that encouragement and positive reinforcement are the most effective methods of helping children on the spectrum.
ABA therapy has been shown to dramatically improve challenging behaviors and behavior deficits. Our goal is always to replace negative behaviors with more effective and family acceptable ones. You can learn more about the principles of ABA therapy here.

How you can help.

As parents and caregivers, your participation is key to your child’s successful development. For this reason, Butterfly Effects provides extensive parent and family training and support services.
Our goal is to help you, as a parent and family, develop the teaching and intervention skills to effectively engage your child. We will guide you every step of the way, making sure you gain the clinical understanding to better monitor and direct your child’s progress throughout the treatment program.

Cooperation makes the difference.

The Butterfly Effects’ approach to case management is founded in a collaborative partnership. Our team will provide your family 24/7 Web access to all the materials you’ll need to help your child achieve the greatest possible success.
Through the electronic health record, the Butterfly Effects team will provide regular written updates, including progress reports and data summaries. The user-friendly platform allows you to share intervention and educational materials with other members of your circle of support, including teachers, physicians, and additional caregivers or remote family members.

Insurance and funding for ABA services.

Our highly trained billing team members coordinate with multiple payers to ensure your family receives all the benefits available to you. While ABA services are still new for most commercial insurance companies, we assist in clarifying information for both the family and the payer. The Butterfly Effects team will not only provide claims submission support, we will also answer your questions related to payment. Payments may be made on our website, 24/7, allowing you the convenience of paying your portion of the bill online anytime.

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