Autism Spectrum Disorder Services

ABA therapy individualized to your child.

Every child is unique, including those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). To be effective, therefore, every treatment plan should also be unique. That’s why Butterfly Effects tailors treatment to each child’s individual needs and abilities.

Our team is committed to helping the children we serve achieve their greatest level of success in life, regardless of where they currently fall on the Autism spectrum. Our team of more than 600 clinical professionals and paraprofessionals nationally ensures that every child we serve receives comprehensive and consistent care.

After carefully observing the way your child interacts with others, our highly trained Behavior Analysts will partner with you to develop a treatment plan that specifically addresses the personal goals you hope to achieve. In addition to our many years of extensive experience in providing Autism therapy, we comply with the highly effective guidelines developed over decades of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy.
Our evidenced-based approach relies on the following four core principles:

Start Early

Early intervention provides your child with the best chance for success. This premise is supported by all studies in the industry, as well as our own extensive experience in Autism treatment. The earlier and more intensive the intervention, the better the outcome. In many instances, children with ASD who begin services behind standard development measures catch up to and even surpass their peers.

Engage the family and circle of support.

As parents, you know your child better than anyone. We refer to you as the ‘subject matter expert’ on your child. This makes your involvement key to successful outcomes.

To encourage participation in your child’s progress, the Butterfly Effects web-based electronic health record provides parents with easy access to progress notes, documentation, and educational materials. In short, we partner with you and the extended circle of support to supply the necessary resources that can help your child progress throughout every phase of development.

Be resilient: Don’t give up.

Our seamless services will ensure treatment continues for as long as required. Once your child meets the immediate goals, we will look ahead with you to prepare for a life of as much independence and social interaction as possible. Our expertise combined with your engagement can help your child live a more fulfilling life.

Start with a solid education.

All children have the legal right to an education, regardless of their disabilities. Our early intervention will help improve your child’s willingness and capacity to achieve academically. We have expertise in applying ABA principles in the development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs). We have also spent many years building a strong rapport with local school districts across the country. We promise to provide tools to assist your family in piloting your child’s school structure.

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