Our Culture

It is said that a company’s culture is defined and created from the top down, yet comes to life from the bottom up.

At Butterfly Effects, our culture is more than just words, it is genuine.  Our culture is driven by a mission to create opportunities for clients with ASD and their families, to live more fulfilling lives.  We are humbled to play a role in developing the future for the thousands of lives we touch each year.  As team members, we each have a story about why we get out of bed each morning and do what we do to create change.  That force of change is deeply rooted in our common purpose which unites us and results in our display of passion.

Our families know all too well that there may be obstacles in their path to successful outcomes and an ABA therapy team with established resilience leads to a better experience for everyone.

It all starts with culture and Our Culture’s foundation builds from Our Mission, to our Common Purpose and extends to our four Quality Standards to help prioritize all decisions.  Our Shared Values complete our culture through representing the premise of how we perform our work and conduct ourselves.  People are the tangible touch points for every client, family, community, and referral source interaction that we have at Butterfly Effects.  It is Our Culture that binds all of these touch points together.

Our Mission Statement

To be the preeminent provider of applied behavioral therapy for individuals and their families living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our knowledgeable and compassionate team delivers individualized and collaborative care that empowers our clients to lead more fulfilling lives.

Our Common Purpose

At Butterfly Effects, we create a collaborative environment that promotes meaningful learning opportunities and experiences through individualized ABA therapy, for clients and their circle of support.

Our Quality Standards

  • Communication
  • Competency
  • Collaboration
  • Compassion

Our Shared Values

Our cultural foundation is built upon the values that we share as a Company.  These core values represent the premise of how we perform our work and conduct ourselves.  There is no specific order of priority to our eight Shared Values as we have learned that the priority changes with each person that we touch and each situation that we encounter.

  • All team members will aim to conduct all interactions with honesty and integrity, and always do the right thing to deliver on promises and manage expectations upfront, without compromising values. Exhibiting humility and strengthening self-regulation, while genuinely caring for our greater organizational team, no matter what the situation, to advance the professionalism of the company.


  • All team members will demonstrate accountability by honestly and willingly accepting responsibility for his or her actions; having self-awareness in managing risk; embracing learning tools and processes that support and advance our work; striving toward excellence in competency; and empowering ourselves and each other to create a world-class ABA therapy organization.


  • All team members will demonstrate unconditional support and a positive feeling of regard to self and others by exhibiting courtesy, thoughtfulness, and admiration.


  • All team members will cultivate teamwork by honoring diversity and coming together to collaborate, share ideas, build consensus, and work towards a common goal. Teamwork is at the heart of the family-centric experience in preparing and implementing ABA therapy and encompasses all aspects of our greater organizational mission by ensuring unity and purpose before task.


  • All team members will demonstrate integrity through fair, honest, and thoughtful speech and behavior at the individual and team level. Organizational integrity will be advanced through consideration and endorsement of consistent actions, values, principles, and character necessary to uphold the mission.


  • All team members will contribute a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge, cognitive skills, behavior, and values to improve performance related to their specific role and the organization as a whole. Integrated through strategy and culture, competencies align our recruiting, performance management, training, development, and reward practices to reinforce key organizational values.


  • All team members will exemplify a sense of urgency and caring by responding quickly, in a positive manner, to others and events. Our team members, client-family units, referral sources, community members, vendors, and business partners require and deserve prompt replies to promote our culture of service excellence.

Positive Attitude

  • All team members will strive to maintain a set of ideals, values, and actions that promote the good, encourage overcoming challenges, and move forward to find opportunities for improvement in every situation.
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