Our Metamorphosis

Butterfly Effects was founded in 2005 to provide therapy services, in South Florida, to children on the Autism Spectrum. Built on a network of individual practitioners, operations and access to Applied Behavior Analysis grew to other locations and states.

The name Butterfly Effects is derived from a principle of cause and effect applied in chaos theory denoting that rarely is the relationship between two things linear in nature. Yet, reaction is typically the result of an accumulation of causative factors, both large and small, intentional and accidental. The butterfly logo was chosen as a symbol of love, rebirth, and metamorphosis. Together the name and logo represent our Common Purpose and deep commitment to helping families create lasting change through individualized ABA therapy.

Today, with more than 500 team members in the field and supporting corporate office activities, Butterfly Effects is one of the largest ABA providers in the country. Our company and team members provide for an interdisciplinary approach to treatment, competency, collaboration and quality services. We employ psychologists, behavior analysts, registered behavior technicians, and other professionals dedicated to providing service excellence. We are known for our dedication to partnering with parents in order to achieve their most desired goals and valuable experiences leading to an improved future.

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