Autism Questions and Answers

Our experienced team answers some common questions.

Although every child with an Autism disorder is unique, many of the challenges families face involve similar issues. The advice shared here attempts to address some of the more common questions and concerns.

If you have questions regarding a problem you or your child has faced, and you don’t find an answer here, please feel free to ask. There’s a good chance our experience can help you.

Help! Child Not Following Directions. What Can I Do?

My child is not following directions. I try to be patient, but sometimes it’s really hard. Please help me understand how I can help her without letting my frustration show. Continue reading

Changing Behavior in Public Settings?

My five-year old has a tendency to act out at the grocery store. How can I make him understand that his temper tantrums and misbehavior disrupt the other customers? Is he too young to comprehend how his behavior affects others? Continue reading

Holidays and autism – How do I keep my child engaged?

How can I keep my son occupied over the school holidays? What sort of activities will engage him without leaving him bored or frustrated? Continue reading

What are appropriate gifts for autistic children?

My 11-year old nephew has been diagnosed with ASD. I want to give him a gift he will enjoy. Any advice on appropriate gifts for autistic children? Continue reading

Autism and Family Gatherings – How to Manage?

We spend a lot of time over the holidays socializing with family and friends. How can I make sure my son behaves appropriately? Most of our friends and relatives are not accustomed to interacting with children on the spectrum. I’d really like for him to fit in comfortably. Continue reading

How is it best to transition from summer break back to school with an autistic child?

My eight-year old with ASD will be returning to school soon. How can I prepare him for the transition to a more structured schedule after a relaxed summer? Continue reading

Autism and Potty Training: How to Succeed?

My daughter has been struggling with toilet training, even though other children her age have already made this transition. Should I keep her in diapers or insist that she learn to go to the bathroom the same way other children her age do? Continue reading

How to Prepare for Summer Break?

How can I prepare my child for the summer school break? He does well in his school environment, but I’m not sure how he will respond to a less structured environment once school is out. Continue reading

Summer Camp for an Autistic Child?

My child would like to attend summer camp, but I’m not sure how well he will fit in. Do you have any advice regarding summer camps for an austistic child? What type of camp would be a good fit for a child with ASD? Continue reading

Developing Social Skills for Children with Autism?

My 12-year old son has trouble socializing with his schoolmates and other children, in general. I feel like his school doesn’t go far enough to encourage his participation with more typical children. What are best practices I can do to help develop social skills for children with autism? Continue reading

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