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Care Coordination

Communication serves as the core of our care coordination.

As the parent of a child with Autism, you already know the difficulties involved in managing the many aspects of care coordination. This is why Butterfly Effects provides weekly communication, not just with regard to our own services, but considering every other aspect of your child’s care.

Your Butterfly Effects BCBA will serve as your Care Manager, providing weekly scheduled contact, either face-to-face or by phone. As Care Manager, the BCBA will assist you in all communication and treatment coordination pertaining to the pursuit of the shared goals defined by the Butterfly Effects treatment plan.

Whether it concerns your child’s education, our own therapy services, or external therapies such as speech, physical, or occupational, our goal is to leverage communication between you and all those working toward the same outcomes to advance your child’s progress.

Managing the lifecycle of ABA therapy.

The reason we offer to serve as your child’s care coordinator is simple. We want to support you in achieving your desired outcomes for your child, regardless of whether we are providing the related therapy service.  Partnership is critical in effectively managing the resources to ensure the achievement of our agreed upon goals.

Although this type of interdisciplinary approach has long been practiced in other areas of medicine, the concept is still a relatively new one to ABA therapy. It is, however, one that can make a vast difference in your child’s successful development.

The interdisciplinary approach in practice.

Your Butterfly Effects Care Manager will work closely with you, your child’s teachers, and other care providers. Together as a team, we will maximize your child’s progress based on the goals you have set and your child’s individual needs.

We will also work to ensure you are comfortable carrying out your own role in your child’s treatment plan. As parents, you will play a key role in monitoring any changes in your child’s behavior. With your assistance and our expertise, we can take action to counter inappropriate behavior or reinforce any positive developments soon after they occur. This teamwork leads to faster, more efficient results from each team member, and most especially, from your child.

Going beyond what is expected.

Our role in managing your child’s care goes well beyond that of other ABA therapy providers. We take the time and make the effort to understand both the parents’ and the child’s needs so that we can provide the right assistance. Helping you understand the details of care is a critical component in your child’s development.

As an example, we fully educate parents on the payment process. This is not simply a matter of money. It is about making sure each child receives all the benefits available to him or her. It also ensures that these benefits remain in effect. As a national ABA therapy provider, we have the resources to help our families understand the services available to them. Our goal is to help each child achieve maximum progress by making the most of all applicable insurance benefits.

The Butterfly Effects’ 5 Ps of care management.

At Butterfly Effects, we follow what we refer to as the 5 Ps of care management. These tenets are important to us, as they guide every action we take. Specifically, they are:

  • People: Our people are our product. We hire the best and ensure they are well prepared for the important work they perform.
  • Plan: We strive to clearly communicate our treatment plan with the parents. We also get parental agreement before carrying out the treatment plan.
  • Progress: We measure our progress not just by our own high standards, but also by your expectations. Always let us know if you have any concerns, or if you require further clarification regarding our work with your child. We will do our best to carefully address your needs.
  • Payment: It is our responsibility to make all payment obligations clear to you and to identify any changes in a timely manner. If you have questions regarding billing or payment, feel free to address them with us.
  • Professionalism: Our goal is to anticipate and meet your needs. We will always act in a professional manner and with honesty and integrity as defined by industry regulations. Our intention is to make your life easier. Please let us know if we ever fall short of this goal, or if you see ways in which we can improve our partnership with you.
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