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Lifecycle of ABA Therapy

  1. Early Intervention Services

    The first few years of a child’s development sets the stage for how well he or she matures and ultimately functions through life. This is especially true for children with Autism and other disabilities. In some children, evidence of a disability is apparent from birth, with others, issues don’t manifest right away… Continue reading

  2. Individualized Education Program Support

    An Individualized Education Program (IEP) supports the family’s goals in providing specialized instruction, either group or individual, inside or outside the classroom. If the school allows, we can provide our treatment plan to support strategies that will help our clients succeed in the school setting… Continue reading

  3. Social Skills Groups

    Butterfly Effects now offers social skills groups at various locations throughout the country. These groups use evidence-based strategies to help children develop conversation skills, make friends, solve problems and understand the perspectives of others… Continue reading

  4. Transition Planning

    Transition Planning is an essential part of a child’s development into adulthood. That’s why it’s important to begin this planning early. Current guidelines suggest consideration as early as middle school. By age 15 or 16, the adult planning phase should be well underway… Continue reading

  5. Daily Living Skills

    Our Daily Living Skills Program teaches individuals on the spectrum how to achieve the greatest independence possible for the current age and skill level. Activities of daily living addressed range from getting dressed in the morning to personal hygiene, safety, and health… Continue reading

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