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Parent Support

The support you need to better support your child.

At Butterfly Effects, we understand that behavioral management may be a challenge for many parents. Often, behavioral issues can strain the relationship between your child and family, offsetting the positive gains of a treatment plan. Although challenges can’t be entirely avoided, we’ll help you take steps to create a more positive environment.

Don’t delay taking action.

To minimize the stress on your family, we recommend you address challenging situations as they arise. If left unchecked, your child’s intense behavioral problems may increase the stress on you as a parent. There may be times when your child’s challenging behavior leaves you feeling isolated and reluctant to leave the house without assistance. This situation can be further compounded if your extended family doesn’t understand the difficulties you face controlling and coping with your child’s behaviors.

Prepare now by implementing a plan.

Our goal at Butterfly Effects is to help you transition through your child’s changing needs and behaviors from birth through adulthood. We’ll provide the expertise to help you make the best decisions for your family at each stage of your child’s development.iStock_000028700144Small

By addressing behavioral problems early, you may be able to prevent further concerns as your child grows older. Early intervention can improve the likelihood of your child succeeding in school, participating in social interactions, and developing peer relationships. It will also make it easier for him to successfully achieve other goals as he matures.

Rely on our proven techniques.

We encourage you to actively engage in your child’s therapy whenever and however possible for the greatest success. We’ll provide opportunities for you and your child to benefit from taking therapy together. This will help your child develop self-control and understand the impact and consequences of his/her behavior, while helping you develop strategies to positively and effectively encourage, discipline, and guide him/her.

At Butterfly Effects, our therapists will work with you to increase family functioning and decrease the stress on you as a parent. We’ll teach you effective techniques and provide the tools and resources to help you structure your household, manage daily routines, increase skill acquisition, and promote better communication. Most important, we’ll help you practice proven methods for decreasing problem behavior.

Develop a solid support system.

Our experienced therapists are trained in a number of effective approaches. Parent training in particular has shown great promise in overcoming problem behavior associated with autism and other disorders. Our experience can help you deal with crisis-level behaviors such as aggression and self-injury. In fact, research has consistently shown that a reliable support system is the key to managing behavioral issues and the related stress you feel as a parent.

At Butterfly Effects, we understand that each child and family situation is unique. That’s why we’ll listen to your concerns and provide the perspective to manage appropriate goals and define realistic outcomes. We’ll be here to support you every step of the way as you shape the future of your child.

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