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A Day in the Life

For those who work with us, every day is extraordinary.

In terms of rewards, few careers offer greater satisfaction than working with those touched by Autism. At Butterfly Effects, we know the joy of seeing a child blossom after overcoming a difficult learning challenge. We understand the pride that comes from helping a struggling teen become a productive young adult. We have experienced the gratitude of a family overcoming the behavior challenges of a sibling on the spectrum.

As one of the largest national providers of ABA therapy, we know that few careers offer as many rewards. We also believe that few employers promise as many opportunities or more ways to enjoy them.

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Emotional fulfillment will be far from your only reward.  

In addition to the emotional rewards you will experience working in the field of ABA therapy, you will gain many concrete benefits. As a Butterfly Effects RBT, BCBA, or BCaBA, you will enjoy a flexible schedule, unlimited growth opportunities, and a full comprehensive benefit package. Just as important, you will work in a supportive environment that provides plenty of learning and advancement opportunities to challenge you along your career path.

iStock_000023223892SmallWe don’t do “ordinary.”

One of the advantages of working with a top ABA therapy provider is that no day will ever be typical. At Butterfly Effects, we strive to make every day “extra” ordinary in every way—for our clients, their family members, and ourselves.

That’s not to say you will never face challenges. Thankfully, the Butterfly Effects team has the resources to create a highly supportive environment. We foster a culture where team members are encouraged to master all the necessary skills to excel in their roles, while gaining personal growth opportunities as well. As part of our team, you will be provided free ongoing training to keep your skills constantly up to date.

You will learn on the job from one of the nation’s largest and most skilled BCBA teams. You will also be rewarded with CEU credit opportunities—both through local and national conferences, and through our own internal training department.

A Day in the Life of a Butterfly Effects BCBA

A Day in the Life of a Butterfly Effects Therapist

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