New TRICARE Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration

What you need to know about recent TRICARE changes (FY 2016).

As one of the nation’s largest TRICARE providers of ABA therapy, Butterfly Effects works diligently both horizontally and vertically within the TRICARE system resulting in optimum service provisions for your family.

Active duty members must remain enrolled in ECHO to receive ABA therapy.  The ECHO cost share is not incurred if the member’s beneficiary is only accessing ABA therapy.  Active Prime members experience no co-pay or deductible for ABA services, while Active Standard/Extra members are responsible for out-of-pocket expenses per visit.  Service costs are applied toward the Catastrophic Cap.

Retired Prime, Retired Standard/Extra, and Retired Reserved plan recipients will encounter out-of-pocket expenses per visit.  Service costs apply toward the Catastrophic Cap.

Costs that will be explained in advance of scheduling.

If you have specific questions related to your benefits, contact the Butterfly Effects’ Client Access team at 888-880-9270.  We understand that this may be confusing, so let us be your personal TRICARE ABA coverage experts!

TRICARE Frequently Asked Questions


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