TRICARE Autism Services

ABA services from one of the nation’s largest TRICARE providers.

At Butterfly Effects, we provide ABA therapy services to all existing and retired service members’ families, in the markets we serve.

Our web-based client online platform allows for easy access no matter where you are stationed. And our coordination of care focus will provide for a seamless transition if your family is relocated to another base within our service areas.

Here are some important points to note about your child’s ABA therapy with Butterfly Effects:

An official Autism diagnosis is all it takes.

If your child is experiencing delays in physical or cognitive development, or considered at risk for a developmental disability, don’t wait to consult your physician. The sooner your child receives treatment, the better the results.

A large body of research has demonstrated that children with Autism improve dramatically with intensive, ABA-based, one-on-one intervention. Consistent intervention by ABA-trained clinicians and paraprofessionals, supported by parents and other caregivers, often results in:

  • Improved cognitive functioning measured by both functional behavior and IQ assessment
  • Significant gains in language and communication skills
  • Increased academic involvement and advancement
  • Greater socialization, such as appropriate play activity
  • A reduction in or an elimination of negative behaviors, such as aggression and tantrums
  • Improved sensory integration and lessening of sensitivities
  • Better cooperation with parents, teachers, and others

Why ABA-based behavior intervention is recommended.

Raising a child with Autism requires a great deal of ongoing assistance and support for any family. This is especially true for military families where parents are often deployed and away from their children for significant periods of time.

About ABA.

Applied Behavior Analysis was developed decades ago to help children in the general population cope with behavioral challenges. Over the years, this therapy has evolved, making it especially effective for children on the spectrum.

Not only is ABA a research-based discipline, it is a behavioral science with oversight by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB™). The board strongly influences the training and supervision standards for all practicing Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT).

Mother and son playing under a colorful umbrellaABA goes beyond behavior modification.

Although ABA involves behavior modification, it is much more than that. ABA is a sophisticated science that looks at all behaviors as functional in nature. By functional, we mean that each behavior is designed to serve a need, whether or not it is successful. ABA therapy relies heavily on constant encouragement and positive reinforcement to teach and improve behavior.

Even though it is more subtle and sophisticated, ABA is similar to the processes most children and adults adopt for developing mechanisms of motivation, first through immediate rewards, such as treats or access to our favorite activities. Later we are motivated by longer-term rewards such as graduation, a successful career, or something more abstract or personal represents a sense of accomplishment.

Parental support.

Butterfly Effects provides parents with a number of learning opportunities, both in person and via web-based media.

What to expect.

You will be matched with a qualified Behavior Technician who will provide one-on-one intervention in your home, school, or center, where available. All Butterfly Effects team members are:

  • Thoroughly trained in the application of ABA-based services.  Where required, the Behavior Technician is also credentialed as a Registered Behavior Technician, fulfilling all TRICARE specifications.
  • Supervised by at least a master’s-level BCBA, multiple times each month.
  • Fully vetted through criminal background checks and more.
  • Selected for the cultural fit and skills to effectively engage and teach children and families.


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