Autism Information

iStock_000031666158SmallThe label of Autism means very little by itself. How any child develops, interacts, and makes his or her way in the world is never a simple business. What levels of maturity and success he or she achieves is dependent on many factors including genetics, education, family, and opportunity. The same is just as true for a child with autism.

At Butterfly Effects, we do understand that receiving an autism diagnosis is not something any parent is prepared for.

No matter the initial diagnosis, no two children exhibit identical symptoms.
The future for a child with autism is partially dependent on the complexity and pervasiveness of the condition, but it is just as dependent on accurate assessment, the love with which he or she is surrounded, and the accuracy, timeliness, and intensity that define any treatment.

At Butterfly Effects, our extensive network of BCBA’s and ABA Therapists can provide all the support that your child and family will need from the time your child diagnosed through school and his or her transition into the world at large.

Evaluation and Assessment

We test for cognitive and language development, as well as processing issues, and social skill development. We also test for vision and hearing problems. Understanding that the presentation of autism can radically change up until the age of five and even beyond, we will continue to reassess your child to make certain the services he or she receives are targeted and effective.

Early Intervention Services

We have special programs to resolve feeding and sleeping issues. We also work to improve behavioral, cognitive, and language concerns as soon as they present themselves.

Behavioral Management

The principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) permeate all of our treatment modalities. Relying primarily on encouragement and positive reinforcement, we have found that difficult behaviors, as well as behavior deficits can be dramatically improved and replaced by more effective and appropriate behaviors.

Parent Training

Parents participation is critical to each child’s development. We help each parent develop the teaching and intervention skills needed to successfully engage your child, as well as the clinical understanding needed to monitor and direct your child’s treatment plan.

Case Management

At Butterfly Effects, case management is all about collaboration. We provide you with 24/7 web access to progress notes as well as written and video documentation via our user-friendly online platform. Through the platform, you will be able to readily share interventions with other team members and a host of educational material.

Insurance and Funding

We provide support with the paperwork. We have the personnel and the expertise needed to make sure that your family receives benefits for needed services.