About Us

Everyone loves a butterfly. They are as beautiful and graceful as they are aerodynamic and brilliantly engineered. They are symbols of love and rebirth, harbingers of good luck and metamorphosis.

For those reasons alone, we are proud to be represented by the butterfly, but like our agency, the meaning of our name runs deep with thought and purpose.

What is the butterfly effect?
Our name, Butterfly Effects is derived from a principle of cause and effect applied in chaos theory. More than just an esoteric science, chaos theory works off the concept that the relation between any two things is rarely linear in nature, that any reaction is usually the result of an accumulation of causative factors small and large, intentional and accidental.

The butterfly effect teaches us that there are in fact no little factors; that even the smallest action can set off a chain of actions that can lead to a huge difference. Often this is talked about as how a butterfly flapping its wings in Tanzania can create a breeze that may set off a continuous series of actions that ultimately lead to a hurricane in Texas. … But a butterfly effect doesn’t have to be accidental.

We consciously initiate butterfly effects of the positive kind.
If we intervene to correct a small behavior in a three-year old exhibiting autism-like behaviors, we may occur the breakthrough needed to change that child’s entire capacity for learning and development; so that instead of being an individual forever dependent on others, he or she goes on to realize a life of self-reliance and fulfillment.

Give a six-year old with severe speech impairment an iPad, and suddenly that incommunicative reclusive child begins demonstrating vast amounts of previously unrealized creativity and intelligence that allows him or her to build a bridge to the real everyday world. More generally, we believe that the sooner your start a person on the right path, the more likely that person will find his or her way.