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What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis, commonly abbreviated as ABA, is a type of therapy which reinforces good communication and other skills through the use of discrete steps and the use of praise or preferred itemsorcement. For children with autism spectrum disorder, ABA is the gold-standard treatment. The program's goal is to allow a child to live life as independently as possible.

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How long does ABA therapy last?

The length of ABA therapy can vary, depending on your child’s therapy needs. Expect therapy to last for one to three years. Experts may recommend up to 40 hours a week depending on your child’s needs, but usually therapists work with children for between 10-20 hours each week. Therapy sessions can last from two to five hours a day on average.

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Is ABA at-home therapy best?

Typically, therapists provide ABA therapy in centers or at the child's home. Both places have their advantages. Therapy at a center offers a structured environment that gets your child familiar with learning outside the home. In-home therapy lets your child learn skills he or she will use at home, such as personal grooming or playing nicely with siblings.

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How do I know if ABA therapy will work for my child?

No therapy has a 100 percent success rate, but evidence-based ABA therapy is considered the best treatment for children with autism by the Autism Society of America and referring physicians. Your child's therapist will tailor a plan most likely to meet his or her unique needs. If ABA therapy isn't working for your child, the therapist will adjust his or her approach to ensure results.

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