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What Is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy works to increase good behaviors and decrease undesirable behavior in children with autism spectrum disorder. It uses positive reinforcement to encourage behavioral changes and no reaction to inappropriate responses. Each program meets the needs of the individual child. Treatment goals may include social skills, language, personal care and academic skills.

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What is the typical length of ABA therapy?

Intensive, long-term therapy lasting for up to three years works best in most cases. Therapy can last from 10 to 40 hours per week with each session ranging between one to five hours. Qualified therapists adjust the schedule to meet the child's skill level, unique needs and family situation, but ultimately, the child's progress determines the treatment's duration.

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What are appropriate locations for ABA therapy?

At-home, school-based and center-based programs all have their advantages. In home therapy takes place in the child's natural environment with family present. Programs in schools also let children receive help in a natural setting where they can work on their social skills. Therapy in a center also allows for socialization in a controlled setting.

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How will applied behavior analysis therapy help my child?

You can expect your therapist to work with you child to have him or her learn and practice new skills each day. You can also expect to learn strategies you can use at home to reinforce positive behavior. Many children gain self-confidence and enjoy improved socialization with their peers as a result of ABA. The outcome of the program primarily depends on the initial goals set.

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