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What's meant by ABA therapy?

ABA therapy stands for applied behavior analysis and is an empirical method for improving maladaptive behaviors in children who have ASD, or autism spectrum disorder. ABA therapy works by reducing complex tasks into simple, easy-to-follow steps that increase a child's ability to complete tasks in areas such as asking for help, making friends, completing a task, following directions, and more.

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How long does the ABA therapy program take?

There's no set time for completion of ABA therapy. The duration of each program is unique to the child and will depend on their skill level, their motivation, and the severity of their ASD. Focused ABA treatments deliver between 10 and 25 hours of ABA services in specific areas, and the most effective treatment usually lasts between one and three years.

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Does ABA therapy need to be done in a clinic?

Research has indicated that the most effective treatments are completed in multiple environments, including the home, the community, the school, and the clinic. These areas provide the most opportunities for improvement in skills that may be specific to the child's unique lifestyle. Using multiple venues for treatment also provides increased opportunities for the child to learn adaptive behavioral interaction in areas that are the most deficient.

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What issues does ABA therapy help?

ABA therapy can help your child improve in the areas of adaptive living, behavioral deficits, communication skills deficits, and social skills. By conducting the therapy in the child’s natural or most frequented environments, maladaptive behaviors are more readily identified and improved. Additionally, through ABA, the child's adaptation and improvement in independent interactions with their environment is quicker and more efficient.

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