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What is ABA therapy used to treat?

Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy is proven effective for many children with developmental disabilities, including autism. The program focuses on teaching children specific skills, such as social, self-care, and communication skills. ABA therapists break down complex skills into smaller tasks and then use positive rewards when a child completes the task. Every child in ABA therapy has an individualized treatment plan based on their needs and their family's goals.

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Will my child be in ABA therapy for years?

ABA is usually long term, lasting one to three years. This gives a child and his or her family time to acquire the strategies and tools that make a lifetime of mastering new skills possible. A focused program will have a child in therapy from between 10 and 25 hours total.

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Is at-home therapy possible?

ABA therapy can take place in your home, your child's school, or at a center in your community. Each setting has its own advantages. A qualified therapist can assess your child's needs and discuss your goals for your child to recommend the most helpful approach.

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In what ways to children benefit from ABA therapy?

ABA therapy can benefit your child if he or she needs help with daily living, communication, or social skills. It can also help reduce undesirable or harmful behaviors. Your child can also learn the skills they need to do small things by themselves.

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