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What is ABA therapy?

ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy is an evidence-based technique for teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder desired behaviors. The program uses rewards to reinforce positive actions. A therapist will teach a child a new skill by breaking it down into small steps. With each step successfully completed, the child gets a small reward until they learn to master the entire task.

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How long till ABA therapy shows results?

Treatment is usually intense, from 10 to 40 hours every week. Most children receive therapy for between one and three years. The timeline is different for every child and it depends on the child's skills, goals and progress. Even when therapy ends, parents can use what they have learned to continue reinforcing positive actions.

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Where does ABA therapy take place?

Since early intervention is important, ABA therapy often takes place at home. The therapist can work on skills your child needs to master at home, such as getting dressed each morning. You can also find ABA therapy at clinics, which can help your child get used to going somewhere to learn. Many schools also offer ABA therapy.

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What can my child learn with ABA therapy?

They can learn to modify their behavior and gain new skills. They will acquire social skills they can use at home, at school and in the community. Your child will learn independence and feel better about their abilities. They may do better in school as well once they get used to new ways of learning.

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