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What is ABA therapy?

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA therapy is a proven approach to treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Countless children have gained new skills and become more independent in real-life situations. ABA therapy is highly individualized and tailored to meet the child's needs and help them reach realistic goals based on their abilities.

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When can my child stop ABA therapy?

Most parents enroll their child in ABA therapy for one to three years, with the child seeing a therapist 10 or more hours a week. Regular assessments will determine when your child has met their goals. Hours normally decrease slowly to make the transition easier after your child makes significant progress.

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Can my child have ABA therapy in our home?

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy can take place in a number of settings, including your home, your child's school and within the community at a special facility. In the home, families can learn how to reinforce good behaviors. In a group setting, a child can get help with making meaningful social interactions. Your therapist may suggest sessions in different settings to help your child reach their goals.

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How will the therapy benefit my child?

Your child will learn new skills to replace interfering behaviors. Expect your child to have new skills that help them become more independent and resourceful. They will learn to display new behaviors they mastered in therapy without being prompted. You can determine success by seeing your child reach the goals you, the therapist and your child set.

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