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What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, is a therapeutic approach to help children with autism. It uses positive reinforcement to encourage desirable behavior. Therapists teach children skills to help them be more independent. The approach is individualized and can include reinforcing positive social skills, hygiene or any other area where the child needs help mastering.

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How long are ABA therapy sessions on average?

ABA is most successful when children receive between 10-20 hours a week, but it will depend on your child and the desired goals. Therapy should last at least a year, but up to three years is best. The longer the therapy lasts, the more gains children make. Nevertheless, each child is different and the length of therapy should depend on the child's abilities and the skills they need to master.

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Where is the best place for ABA therapy?

If a child isn't in school yet and needs to learn daily living skills, in-home therapy may be the most beneficial. Children can learn these skills in their natural setting. Family members can also see the methods the therapist uses, allowing them to help reinforce the skills, so the children can use them outside of therapy. Center-based therapy also has its advantages. There are often fewer distractions in centers and more resources for therapists. Many children do well in a combination of the two settings.

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What are the benefits of ABA therapy?

ABA therapy addresses specific developmental deficiencies you and your therapist identify. Examples may include increasing the child's verbal communication skills, working on social skills, hygiene or daily living skills. ABA therapy will also minimize problem behaviors.

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