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What is ABA therapy for autism?

ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, is often used to treat children with autism, although it can help individuals in a variety of situations who need help with behavior management. ABA employs techniques to encourage positive behaviors and to help minimize negative ones by using a reward system. Complex requests are broken down into small, manageable elements, with children being offered praise, special privileges or a small reward for completing a task.

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How long does ABA therapy typically take?

Your child will likely be in ABA therapy for 10 to 25 hours a week for a period of one to three years. When your child shows significant improvement in functional skills in different settings and there is a reduction in undesirable behaviors, therapy hours are typically reduced.

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Is in-home ABA therapy possible?

Yes, home-based therapy allows your child to have autism therapy in a familiar setting. If he or she needs to learn self-care skills, it is easier when their clothes, toothbrush and other items are there for them. Home-based autism therapy also allows parents and caregivers to see the techniques the therapist uses, so they can incorporate them into daily life at home. School and community-based programs also have their place if your child needs help with socialization with their peers or academic assistance.

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Why is ABA therapy so beneficial for children with autism?

As a parent or caregiver of a child with autism, you understand that teaching him or her how to do the little things is challenging. Some skills that come naturally to small children without a developmental disability, like communication and dexterity, are harder for a child with ASD to grasp. ABA therapy can help your child master these and other skills that they will need now and later in life.

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