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What is applied behavior analysis therapy?

ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is one of the most effective therapies available today for children with autism. ABA encourages positive behavior with rewards, such as toys or videos, or praise. The idea is to substitute good behavior for problem behavior. Children learn social, cognitive and communication skills depending on their unique needs.

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What is the length of ABA therapy?

There is no definitive number of hours of ABA therapy a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) needs each week as every child is different. Between 10 and 25 hours is normal. Long-lasting improvement usually occurs when a child receives therapy for one to three years. How long ABA therapy lasts is dependent on your child's age, skill deficits and progress.

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Is in-home or center-based ABA therapy best?

Effective ABA therapy can be obtained in-home, at school or at a community-based center. Center-based therapy offers a distraction-free environment with better tools and resources. It isn't necessarily better though, as children and their parents are usually more comfortable at home. In-home therapy also lets children practice their daily living skills where they will use them. You can discuss the options with your therapist to see what will work best for your child and your child’s therapy goals.

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What will my child get from ABA therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis is a powerful tool. The most common advantages children gain from ABA therapy include learning independent living skills, such as dressing, and social skills. It empowers children when they can do at least some of the things they see their siblings and friends doing.

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