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How does ABA therapy work?

If you are a parent or caregiver for a child, you have probably heard of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy. People either find programs like ABA while researching how to help their child or through their child's doctor suggesting ABA therapy. In general terms, it is a therapy that teaches a child skills using positive reinforcement. The skills can range from language to getting dressed in the morning. The basis for ABA therapy is that children respond better to small rewards for good behaviors rather than negative consequences for bad behavior.

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How long will my child be in ABA therapy?

Typically, children are in ABA therapy for one to three years, with the weekly session duration and frequency varying depending on your child’s needs. The specific skills your child needs learning will determine the therapy's duration. Periodically, the therapist will access your child's progress and adjust the initial schedule if necessary.

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Does ABA therapy take place at home?

In many cases, ABA therapy takes place in the home. It can also take place in school, center-based locations, or a combination of two or more locations. Therapy is tailored to your goals for your child. They can learn new skills at home like self care or new skills like making friends at a location in the community. At school, they can learn academic skills. At-home therapy is especially useful for showing parents and siblings ways to implement ABA principles at home.

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Why should I consider ABA therapy for my child?

Your child will need a variety of skills to help them live a normal life. Simple things, like getting dressed, using the toilet, communicating their needs or making friends, can be a significant challenge to a child with autism. ABA can give them the tools they need to master these skills and feel more confident. Your child will gain more independence and you’ll learn techniques to help them continue to progress after therapy ends.

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