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What kind of program is ABA therapy?

Applied behavior analysis, or ABA therapy, is an empirical method for changing inappropriate or inadequate behaviors that are often found in children with an autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. It teaches them to complete tasks by breaking the tasks down into small, easily achievable steps. The most improvement is seen in areas such as communication, making friends, completing tasks, waiting, and stating their needs.

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What's the length of a typical ABA therapy program?

The length of the ABA therapy will vary according to the child's level of development and their degree of need. Research has indicated that the most effective program lasts between one to three years. Programs of this length provided the most long-lasting improvement and the most positive gains. Focused treatments, on the other hand, deliver between 10 to 25 hours of ABA therapy and target a few specific areas.

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Where is ABA therapy conducted?

ABA therapy can be conducted in a range of venues that include the home, the school, the community, and the clinic. By conducting the program in the most natural environment for the patient, the child can achieve the most significant improvements in multiple areas. They may also learn adaptive skills that are unique to the child's lifestyle, which is the area most frequently in need of improvement.

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How does ABA therapy help children?

ABA therapy teaches a child how to independently interact with their environment and addresses socially significant skills that are perhaps unique to the child and their lifestyle. The objective is to enable the child to interact independently with their various environments and increase their social functionality among their peers.

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