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What is applied behavior analysis therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy can take many forms, all based on the concept of reinforcing good behavior. It's primarily used for helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, although people of all ages can benefit from ABA therapy, including those with developmental disorders and behavioral challenges. Therapists implement individualized plans depending on the child's skills, behaviors and goals.

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How long does applied behavior analysis therapy last?

Intensive ABA therapy lasts about two years and takes 20 to 40 hours per week. The longer a child is in therapy, the more significant and long-lasting the gains. Children with limited targets may need less therapy hours each week, it will all depend on your child’s therapy goals.

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Can I have an ABA therapist come to my home?

Home-based ABA therapy is an ideal way for children to learn daily living skills, such as getting washed up before a meal or brushing their teeth. In-home therapy also allows families to play a role in the process and learn how to apply the methods the therapist uses. School-based and clinic-based therapy offer children unique opportunities to deal with their peers.

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What can I expect for my child from ABA therapy?

You can look forward to your child learning specific skills set forth in their initial detailed assessment. This may include new skills in social functioning, daily living and language development. You will also learn how to use the same positive reinforcement used in therapy to ensure your child's continued success.

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