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What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a type of therapy that teaches skills that improve or change behaviors associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other disorder. This type of therapy teaches children how to manage complex tasks by breaking them down into small steps and providing praise and reinforcement. It’s been successfully used to treat communication, social, adaptive living and behavioral issues present in children with ASD and behavioral disorders.

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How long is ABA therapy?

This is a highly individualized form of treatment, so it is difficult to say how long your child will need to be in treatment. We do know that recent research found that children receiving intensive ABA therapy for one to three years showed a great deal of long-lasting improvements across multiple skill areas. Focused ABA therapy delivers around 10-25 hours of treatment that address a limited range of skill areas.

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Will the ABA therapy program be completed at home?

Most children respond best to ABA therapy when it is done at home, school or in the community. This allows the child to learn essential skills within his or her natural environment, making the treatment more likely to be successful.

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Can I expect ABA therapy to help with my child’s inappropriate behaviors?

This type of service is helpful for children with communication, social, adaptive living and behavior issues that significantly impact their daily functioning and ability to interact in an independent way within their environments. Your child’s individualized treatment plan will address the issues that your family deems most important to address.

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