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What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

ABA is a therapy for children with developmental disabilities, most commonly Autism Spectrum Disorder. For more than 50 years, the therapy has been proven effective. ABA therapy works by rewarding good behavior as a child learns important, socially significant skills. Your child will learn complex skills, like communication, in small, manageable steps.

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How long does ABA therapy take to show results?

Weekly sessions for anywhere from one to three years are proven to have the best long-term results. As your child makes progress toward their specific goals, the length of their therapy may be adjusted accordingly. Naturally, every child is different and they have the option to complete a focused program for a predetermined amount of time as well.

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Can my child have his/her ABA therapy at home?

Therapy can take place at home. Younger children are typically more comfortable in their familiar surroundings. For boys and girls who need to learn skills such as getting dressed, at-home therapy is better. There are also school-based programs and those held in a community setting for children who need to work on social skills.

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What will my child get out of ABA therapy?

He or she will receive therapy designed to meet their specific needs, whether it involves communication, daily living activities, or any other skill they need to master. ABA therapy uses proven methods to help children deal with real-world situations. The more capable he or she becomes at expressing their needs and desires and doing things for themselves, the less frustrated they feel. This should also result in better behavior, a bonus for caregivers.

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