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What is ABA therapy?

ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, therapy is a proven treatment for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) focusing on learning, behavior and motivation. Children learn skills in highly individualized programs by being rewarded with a small toy or activity the child enjoys. Therapists can break up skills the child needs to learn in small steps. Children get a small reward, like a trip to the playground, once they master a step. Eventually, the child learns the skill and repeats it when asked without a reward.

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What's the typical duration of ABA therapy?

Most experts agree the longer your child has ABA therapy and the earlier it starts, the more beneficial it is to your child. Programs can last from one to three years, with your child receiving therapy from 10 to 30 hours every week.

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How do in-home ABA therapy programs work?

A therapist or other professional will come to your home and help your child learn skills he or she can use at home, such as daily grooming, playing with siblings or cleaning and communication. You will have to set aside an area for the therapist to work with your child. You and your family can go about your daily life, but you may be asked not to interfere with the therapy. You can ask the therapist questions after the session so you can learn how to reinforce the skills your child is learning.

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What benefits will ABA therapy offer my child?

Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy can help your child have better verbal and non-verbal communication skills, social skills, and help them learn to take care of their daily living needs by themselves. It will also help younger children with the skills they will need at school.

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