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What is ABA therapy?

Applied behavior analysis, or ABA, is a type of therapy that targets the improvement or changing of specific behaviors. It's widely used as a therapeutic intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and is backed by years of evidence and research. ABA therapy works by teaching people to break down specific tasks into smaller, teachable steps. ABA therapy programs can improve a variety of behaviors, including developing friendships, following directions, improving attention and focus, and communicating needs.

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How much ABA therapy is recommendaed?

It's important to understand that ABA therapy programs are based on the unique needs of each person, and there isn't a single approach that works for everyone. However, research studies have shown that receiving intensive ABA services for approximately one to three years shows long-lasting and noticeable improvement across multiple types of behavior for children with ASD. Most ABA treatment programs provide 10-25 hours of ABA services and have a narrow focus on a limited number of behaviors.

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Can ABA therapy be done at home?

ABA therapy can be provided at home, in addition to at school, within the community or in clinic-based settings. In fact, the most successful programs are provided in these types of natural settings. In this way, children can apply the behaviors they've learned and incorporate them into real-world social experiences.

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How can children benefit from ABA therapy?

Your child may benefit from ABA therapy if they have any behavior deficits that can affect daily functioning and the ability to live independently. This includes social skills, communication skills, focus, and adaptive living skills. The goal of treatment is to teach skills that are useful in everyday life and target socially significant behaviors.

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