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What is Applied Behavior Analysis therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis, often called ABA, is an evidence-based method for assisting children on the autism spectrum and others who may be experiencing behavioral and adjustment disorders. By breaking down desired behaviors into smaller blocks and tasks, ABA allows children to manage their own behavior and to learn new skills for socializing, dealing with stress and communicating. This therapy method can also provide added help for children who need reinforcement and positive feedback to learn to care for their own personal needs more effectively.

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How long will ABA therapy take?

Focused therapy for one or two behavioral issues may take as little as 10 hours of session time. However, for patients with more extensive and deep-seated issues, the therapeutic process may take years of work to achieve the desired level of progress.

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Is ABA therapy performed at home?

ABA therapies are suitable for use in your home, at your child's school, in a clinical setting and in other locations that are acceptable to you and your child's therapist.

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Can I expect ABA therapy to help my child?

Children who have difficulty in behaving properly, dealing with their own needs on the expected level for their age and socializing with others can often derive significant benefits from ABA therapy. ABA is based on practical research and uses positive reinforcement and consistent praise for good behavior for children. By taking baby steps toward improvement, ABA therapies can promote the greatest degree of confidence in children with behavioral deficits.

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