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What is ABA therapy?

ABA is short for Applied Behavior Analysis. This is a type of therapy that is evidence-based and that centers around improving or changing behaviors present in children with behavioral disorders and problems, including autism spectrum disorders (ASD). This method teaches learners how they can break down complicated tasks into smaller steps that make the tasks easier for them manage. ABA services have been used to teach children with ASD how to communicate their needs, wait, make friends, ask for help, follow directions and attend to a task.

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Is ABA therapy a long-term commitment?

There is no simple answer as to how long ABA therapy takes. Significant research in the field has indicated that children receiving intensive ABA services for a period of one to three years make significant gains in many different domains. Children who receive focused ABA services across 10-25 hours will make progress in a more limited number of domains.

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Where is ABA therapy done?

This therapy can be performed in a clinic. However, it is best utilized in the home, at school or in a community setting. This is so the therapist can address maladaptive behaviors as the occur within the natural environment, helping the child to better learn how to apply daily living skills in the situations in which they are most likely to be needed.

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Should I expect ABA therapy to help my child?

If your child has significant deficits in social, adaptive living, behavioral or communication skills, this therapy could be of great benefit It will target the specific skills necessary for your child to thrive independently within their environment.

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