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How can ABA therapy help with behavior issues?

Applied behavior analysis, or ABA therapy, is a proven method for decreasing maladaptive behaviors in children who have developmental conditions such as autism spectrum disorder. ABA therapy is a teaching method that reduces complicated tasks to small, instructional steps in order to improve behaviors in areas such as asking for help, paying attention, communicating their needs, making friends, waiting, and following directions.

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Does it take a long time to complete ABA therapy?

Each child is evaluated independently to determine their skill level, and then a program is developed that will specifically address their needs. Typically, a program duration of between one and three years achieves optimal results, but focused ABA therapy programs of between 10 and 25 hours on limited areas, also can target specific areas that need the most improvement. Since each child's ABA therapy is based on their specific needs, there's no pre-set time frame for the program.

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Can my child receive ABA therapy at our home?

Research and experience have shown that although ABA therapy can be effective in a clinical setting, it's often more effective when done in the home, community or school setting. This enables the child to learn to independently interact in their natural environment and can increase the success of the overall program. It also enables the student to learn adaptive behaviors in settings that may be unique to them.

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Is ABA therapy always effective?

ABA therapy has a proven record of success in improving the maladaptive behaviors of children who have developmental conditions. The goal of the therapy is to increase a child's skill level to the point that they can independently interact with their natural environments and improve their social skills. It can also target specific areas of importance to the child or their family.

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