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What you need to know about ABA therapy

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a form of therapy that attempts to encourage and change certain behaviors, particularly in children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It works by using positive reinforcement as a reward system when desired behavior is demonstrated. ABA therapy can improve many different behaviors, including asking for help, communicating needs and emotions, and forming interpersonal relationships.

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How long will my child be in ABA therapy?

How long your child receives ABA therapy depends on a variety of factors, including the needs and goals that are important to your family. However, research suggests that children with ASD who receive high-intensity ABA services for a period of one to three years have a higher chance of meeting their specific treatment goals. There is also a form of targeted ABA therapy sessions which consist of focused goals and 10-25 hours of therapy.

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Is at-home ABA therapy possible?

ABA therapy can be provided in at home, school, in the community, or in a clinical setting. From research, we've learned that natural settings (home, school, the community) are more efficient in comparison to a clinical setting. These natural environments allow children increased opportunities to learn daily living skills that can be applied to everyday life.

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What are the benefits of ABA therapy?

Social skills, communication skills, and adaptive living skills are just a few examples of behavior that can be improved with long-term ABA therapy. By improving these types of behaviors, children can develop the skills needed to achieve success and live an independent life.

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