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Principles of ABA therapy

ABA, or applied behavior analysis, is a type of behavioral therapy that's frequently used to improve or change certain behaviors in children who have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or behavioral problems. It works by positively reinforcing and rewarding helpful behaviors and discouraging unwanted behaviors. Examples of behaviors that ABA therapy can improve include social skills, communication and language, self-care, and play and leisure.

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What is the average treatment time for ABA therapy?

Years of research on ABA therapy suggest that intensive ABA services received over an extended period of time results in positive treatment outcomes for children with ASD. The terms "intensive" and "long term" refer to ABA services provided over a time period of one to three years. Most ABA programs are focused on a limited number of behaviors to improve and include 10-25 hours of targeted sessions, but your child's therapist will develop a treatment plan that best meets the needs of your child and family.

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Is home-based ABA therapy an option?

Although ABA therapy can be provided in a clinical setting, research indicates that providing therapy in the child's natural environment, such as home, school, or the community, results in improved treatment outcomes. This gives children the chance to learn new skills in an environment where they're most often needed.

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How can ABA therapy help children?

Children can benefit from ABA if they have behavior difficulties that affect daily functioning and independent living. These skill areas include forming friendships, communicating needs and emotions, motor skills, and learning and academic skills.

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