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What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis, which is often referred to as ABA, is an evidence-based therapeutic method used to help children with behavioral problems. By breaking down both desired activities and undesirable behaviors into their individual steps and then working with the child to reinforce positive actions and to reduce the incidence of bad behavior, ABA offers real hope for children with autism spectrum disorders and other behavioral problems.

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Will my child's ABA therapy take long?

While no one can predict the exact length of time needed to resolve behavioral problems using ABA therapy, your therapist will provide you with a rough estimate of the amount of time needed to see initial results. Some minor behavioral issues may be resolved in just a few sessions. Others may take months or years to address and to resolve fully.

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Will my child's ABA therapy take place at home?

In most cases, ABA therapy can be delivered at school, at home or in a clinical setting. The positive reinforcement and praise used to encourage good behavior and to promote the acquisition of practical skills is suitable for use in a wide range of environments and social settings.

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Will ABA therapy help my child?

Children who suffer from behavioral disturbances can often benefit from the way in which ABA breaks down behaviors to their individual parts. This can provide insights and added help for children in managing their behaviors in social settings, at school and in many other personal and academic areas.

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