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How does ABA therapy work?

Applied behavior analysis, also known as ABA, is a type of therapy that's used to encourage positive behaviors while discouraging unwanted behaviors. It's a common therapeutic intervention for children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or other behavioral problems, and it's supported by numerous research studies. ABA therapy teaches children by having them break down large learning tasks into smaller steps. It can improve a variety of skills and behaviors, including social skills, communication skills, attention, and focus.

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How long does ABA therapy take?

How long an ABA therapy program takes is a complicated question that doesn't have a straightforward answer. These programs are customized, and each program will differ for each child receiving ABA services. Therapists can use research as a guide, which suggests that one to three years of high intensity ABA therapy shows the most significant results. Your child may also have the opportunity to do more targeted sessions totalling 10-25 hours focused on fewer objectives.

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Is Home-based ABA therapy Available?

ABA services can be provided in many settings, including in the community, at school, home, or in a clinical setting. Providing ABA therapy in the natural environment, whether at school, home, or in the community, gives children an opportunity to learn skills and behaviors that they can apply to everyday life.

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Benefits of ABA therapy for children

One of the main benefits of ABA therapy for children with ASD is it gives them the keys to control how they react to and experience the world around them. It can help children form friendships, focus on schoolwork, cope with behavior outbursts, and perform self-care activities.

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