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What is ABA therapy?

Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can help parents of children with behavioral issues or with autism spectrum disorders. The idea is to use ABA to assist in addressing these issues in a positive and practical way. ABA is an evidence-based therapy method that is used to divide complex behaviors into smaller, discrete tasks. Behaviors that can be addressed in this way include asking for help in an appropriate way, waiting patiently, following directions and communicating effectively.

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How long before ABA therapy is effective?

The amount of time required for ABA therapies to produce results varies from child to child and will depend on the child’s needs and the goals to be achieved. Your ABA therapist can provide comprehensive therapies that are designed to provide the right care for extensive issues or focused treatment for specific issues your child faces at home, at school or in social situations.

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Should ABA therapy be performed at home?

ABA therapy may even be more effective when performed in school or at home, since these are the environments in which children spend most of their time. Therapy can offer real help for children with autism spectrum disorders and other issues that can affect their ability to learn in school or to behave appropriately at home. ABA therapy can also be delivered in clinical and community settings.

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How can I expect ABA therapy to help my child?

Through the use of ABA, children with behavioral issues as well as those with autism spectrum disorders will typically acquire coping mechanisms and skills that will allow them to perform better in school, in social situations and in their later lives.

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