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What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a form of therapy used to change behavior by breaking down tasks and activities into their individual parts. Additionally, it can provide children with the skills they need to deal with social situations more effectively. ABA provides added assistance for children with autism spectrum disorder and can help them to develop the necessary coping skills they need to learn in school and to pursue their goals both in and outside the classroom setting.

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Does ABA therapy take long to have an effect?

There is no single answer to how long ABA therapy takes. For children with minimal issues to be addressed, focused therapy sessions may take between 10 and 25 hours per week. Children with autism spectrum disorders can often benefit most from one to three years of therapy with a qualified ABA specialist.

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Should ABA therapy be performed in a clinic?

ABA therapy can be performed in the clinical setting, in a community center, at home or at school. Some evidence suggests that ABA therapy may be even more effective if it is provided in the settings in which children spend most of their time or encounter the most complications. By integrating this therapy with an overall treatment plan designed to provide valuable life skills, parents can ensure that their children receive the best help in managing everyday activities in the most positive way.

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How will ABA therapy help my child?

ABA therapy methods are useful in helping children with autism spectrum disorders or behavioral issues to communicate and engage socially more effectively. This can help them to achieve their goals more easily, giving your family peace of mind and your child more independence.

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