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What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is designed to help children with autism spectrum disorders and other behavioral issues manage everyday tasks more effectively. This evidence-based therapy method breaks down complex activities into their constituent tasks to help children master social skills and to improve their behaviors in school, at home and in other situations.

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How long before ABA therapy is effective?

Focused therapies may take only 10 to 25 hours to achieve the desired results for limited behavioral changes. For more complex behaviors and problems, a course of treatment that lasts between one and three years may be more useful for children with autism spectrum disorders, especially if these conditions cause serious behavioral issues at home or in an academic environment.

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Can ABA therapy be performed at a clinic or at home?

Your child can receive ABA therapies at your residence, at school and in a clinical setting if that is what is recommended by your therapist. By participating in these sessions regularly and putting the skills learned to work in school and at home, your child can achieve a greater degree of mastery over the skills needed to succeed at home, at school and in his or her future endeavors.

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How will ABA therapy impact my child?

ABA therapies are designed to provide practical help for children who may be experiencing behavioral issues because of autism spectrum disorders or for a variety of other reasons. By investigating these types of therapy options for your children, you can help them achieve more and can promote the best outcomes for their future growth and development.

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