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What is ABA therapy?

ABA is short for Applied Behavioral Analysis. ABA therapies can be used to provide positive alternatives to destructive or dangerous patterns of behavior, especially for children who suffer from behavioral issues because of trauma or because they have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. By breaking down behaviors into their building blocks and addressing them in this way, ABA can provide children with the tools they need to manage their own behaviors and to achieve greater success in social, academic and family situations.

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Will ABA therapy take a while to have an effect?

The duration of your child’s ABA therapy will vary depending on the extent of the treatment required, the results desired and the rate at which the child can adopt the tools provided during the therapy sessions. For children with severe behavioral issues, receiving regular therapy for one to three years will typically produce the best results. Less severe behavioral problems may require a shorter treatment time, but generally practitioners suggest anywhere between 10 to 25 hours per week for children.

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Is there a preferred location for ABA therapy?

ABA therapies are suitable for use at home, at school and in other settings where children spend the majority of their time. By providing the therapy in the same location where the undesirable behaviors typically occur, it may be possible to provide the right tools for addressing these issues in a practical and positive way.

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Will ABA therapy help my child?

ABA is used to address issues with academic performance, behavioral problems and social skills as well as life necessities like fine motor skills, grooming and hygiene. There is much evidence to suggest that ABA therapy can be a powerful tool in helping your child address problematic behavior.

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